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LCA Regional offers specialized support for business decision making via reports containing objective analysis on each of Brazil’s five geographical regions, as well as a database and projections for the main regional indicators.

LCA Regional Database
Complete regional database, updated monthly. Follows calendar of main indicators: state GDP; municipal GDP; IBC-R (monthly state GDP); industrial production; electricity consumption; real incomes; net job creation and total formal employment; retail sales; vehicles licensed; bank lending and loan delinquencies; cost of living (basket of staples); foreign trade.

LCA Regional Forecasts
Regional projections with a ten-year horizon, updated monthly. The following indicators are projected:

1. Population
2. Households per income group
3. Regional GDP
4. Real incomes
5. Workforce
6. Average wage
7.Retail sales

LCA Regional Report
Assessment of the performance of Brazil’s five regions, with projections to 2025 for key indicators of regional economic activity. Report in presentation format with table and graphics to support the analysis. Issued quarterly.

LCA Regional’s clients can also order specific studies and have access to a dedicated team specializing in macroeconomic analysis of Brazil’s five regions.

Consumption Potential LCA
This is a database on Potential Annual Household Spending at current market prices, developed to help firms identify potential spending on the main consumer staples. Data available by city, income group (ABEP criteria) and product/service category.
CP LCA covers 60 categories. Analysis for other categories of interest to the client can be developed on demand.