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LCA Industry Analysis caters to clients in need of specialized support for purposes of drawing up analyses and projections for the Brazilian economy’s industries.

We develop products and services that gather relevant information, analyses and forecasts for a number of industries, listed in regular publications further to the possibility of commissioning demand studies for specific industries.

Customized services, lectures and conference calls: performed by a dedicated team of expert economists in various industries of the Brazilian economy.

LCA Industry Report
Monthly publication with analysis of recent performance and prospects for the industry, historical series and forecasts for key indicators. Available for eight industries: construction and real estate, credit and financial system, consumer and retail; automotive, pulp and paper, mining and steel, petroleum and gas, further to food and beverages.

LCA Sectoral Report – Quarterly
Quarterly report objectively analyzing the performance of 27 sectors or industries. The report is divided into seven parts:

  • a. Executive summary (ranking, key indicators, and projections for the sector)
  • b. Recent performance and prospects
  • c. Assessment of risks and opportunities
  • d. Conjunctural analysis
  • e. Structural analysis
  • f. Economic outlook
  • g. Rankings (comparative tables)

The structure of the analysis applies to all selected sectors, so that they can compared and quantitatively ranked, scored in terms of risk/attractiveness, and each given a final assessment. Reports and the sector matrix are updated at the end of each calendar month (March, June, September and December).

Sectoral Synopsis – Monthly
Spreadsheet tracking actual and projected growth for 27 sectors or industries (CNAE 2.0/IBGE) on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis, plus graphs in dashboard format showing levels of production, trade, services etc., and year-over-year changes.

Customized Industry Studies
We produce assessments and projections on demand for specific sectors, industries and topics.