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LCA offers a complete line of macroeconomic decision support tools, including in-depth macroeconomic scenarios, face-to-face meetings with specialist consultants, agile publications and personalized presentations. Our portfolio of services is comprehensive, flexible and easily tailored to the client's needs.

Specific assessments customized to your needs. We can customize scenarios to specific requirements, including a sectoral and/or regional focus.

Products & services

Insights and information reach clients in various forms:

Presentations of the macroeconomic and political scenario, with a customized time horizon and subject focus in accordance with the client’s requirements. LCA’s presenters combine broad expertise with excellent communication skills.

Conference calls to discuss the scenario or specific topics in more detail.

Personalized consulting sessions, by phone or e-mail.

LCA database: economic and financial indicators for Brazil, selected countries and the world, in extensive time series. Complete, constantly updated, downloadable and easy to use. Enriched by LCA Projections.

Publications incorporating the latest data on the economic and political outlook: Cenário LCA and Anáise LCA.

Agenda LCA
Schedule of events and indicators to be released in the two following weeks. Shows each indicator’s latest observed result and, where relevant, LCA’s and the market’s expectations.

Cenário LCA  Weekly
Cenário LCA contains weekly updates on the Brazilian and international economies’ current performance and prospects, as well as updates to the projections that form LCA’s basic scenario.

Análise LCA  Whenever a relevant indicator is published
A report covering LCA’s view of economic events and the results of the main international and domestic indicators. Sent immediately after publication of the relevant indicators. Customers will receive on average 20 LCA Analyses per month.

Análise Política LCA

Comments on and analysis of the week’s main political developments, as well as their repercussions on the market and firms.

Boletim Diário
A morning briefing with the relevant indicators up for publication; themes that will be in the order of the day; and an analytical summary of the previous day’s events.

Agenda Política LCA  Weekly
Brief description of the main political events expected for the week under way.

Relatório de Longo Prazo LCA  Quaterly
This report contains updates to the assumptions, hypotheses and projections underlying LCA’s long-term (up to 20 years) scenarios for the international and domestic economies.

Carta LCA   Weekly
Carta LCA is a special Cenário LCA edition with not fixed periodicity, and updates the assumptions used in LCA’s macroeconomic scenario, as well as projections and probabilities associated with alternative scenarios.

Monitor de Inflação  Weekly
Shows specific and relevant inflation-related matters for the week, including in-depth analysis.

Monitor Diário de Inflação  Daily
Tracks inflation expectations (the market’s and LCA’s), tracked prices (according to the Central Bank of Brazil’s categorization), and agricultural prices.

Monitor Diário da Atividade Econômica  Daily
Daily economic activity dashboard summarizing a series of indicators by means of LCA’s methodology.

Coleta de Preços LCA
Proprietary survey done by LCA, covering the prices of airline tickets, agricultural and monitored products and more.

Projeções LCA  Weekly
Weekly updated spreadsheet containing LCA’s short-, medium- and long-term projections (2018-2030).